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I forgot to add this journal over here >>;

Point Commissions Open Stamp by izka197Commissions Open Stamp by izka197Art Trades Closed Stamp by izka197Requests Closed Stamp by izka197Collabs Closed Stamp by izka197

These are prices for single characters. For more than one character we'd need to talk about it.
I am limited to flat colours only, so if you're interested keep that in mind and show me a coloured ref. I do rather whimsy shading, in any case. If you don't want or don't have colours, we can settle for a lower price.
:bulletblue:Point Commissions:
200 points for half body.
400 points for full body.

:bulletblue:Paypal Commissions:
3$ for half body.
6$ for full body.

:bulletred:Art Trades[CLOSED]:
For ATs, I'll do fulbody flat colours. But they're currently closed! D:

:bulletred:Requests [CLOSED]:
For requests I do half body or busts, not coloured. I'm gonna open this when I reach maybe 200 watchers or 5k pageviews for a limited time.

:bulletred:COLLABS [NEVER OPEN]:
From what I understand there are two kinds of collabs: The kind where I sketch/line something and you colour it, r viceversa. And the kind where you draw something and I draw something next to it, interacting with your thing. I would happily do the former, except I'm rather limited with my resources. The latter, though, hits me right in the OCD; clashing art styles for some reason drive me nuts. So yeah....don't ask for now.

:bulletred:What I offer and my limitations
:bulletgreen: Let's begin by saying I mostly draw people. Girls, to be specific. In a cutesy, moe, art style.
:bulletgreen: I do, as a matter of fact, draw porn! =ω= Or hentai. Ecchi. Sex. How does one even explain this point.
:bulletblue: I used to draw furries, and sometimes I still do; it's not what I'm best at though and there's better people for that out there.
:bulletred: I cannot draw animals, there's more talented people for that like :icondevildart:, :iconxxbrokenstarxx239: and :iconchaityme:.
:bulletred: I suck at drawing straight lines, so no mechas or cars. I personally can't name an artist off the top of my head for that.
:bulletred: About fetishes. Just like you might not like tentacles or futa, I don't like..."watersports", inflation, and so many more things.
:bulletred: I can't think of any more limitations but we'll cross that bridge when we get there....or we'll burn it.
:bulletred: I don't offer refunds. Not anymore, at least. So it's best if you tell me exactly what you want, and be a little patient with me, I'm dumb >X

I technically only have examples of full body pictures. Half body goes from waist to thighs; knees are out of the question.
An example of half body is this: though it wasn't drawn the same way as the rest of the examples.
Thora by nozomi-samaMeredith by nozomi-sama Fahd by LunaeZomi Silvia by LunaeZomi

If after ALL of this you're interested in anything. Send me a note! And if there's questions, leave a comment below.
Anyway, thanks for your time, and thanks for reading~!


Commissions-Only Account
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I only use this account for commissions.

I upload new stuff to :iconlunaezomi:
And my old account is :iconshinji-leaf:

My mostly abandoned tumblr is
My mostly abandoned art tumblr is
My NSFW tumblr is

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