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Stilva from :iconstilva:'s Derelict.

A redrawn version of a fairly old pic:… (from late July 2009)

Way back then I was actually pretty proud of that picture mostly because it became rather popular rather quickly.
Of course, pride turned to shame as the years passed. I realized how badly drawn it was. And of course, the first thing one notices are the breasts. There are tons of things wrong with it, including the skin being too red and there being way too many highlights. There's also the fact she was out of character.

So I did redrew it! ovo  I'm not entirely happy with it, but I've been working on this since....Saturday I think? Making little progress every day, and now I'm just tired of working on it. I may go back and add some details, but I'm done as far as I'm concerned.

Download for fullsize! (3500x2333)
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I just came back from a 2-month-and-a-half hiatus!

Before I left on this hiatus, my laptop was being a piece of crap, so I was limited to only drawing coloured sketches. During the hiatus I got my hard disk wiped clean granting me the ability to actually do more elaborate things!
Because of this I'm going to be announcing new prices soon.

In the meantime, though, I need to work on examples of both what I'm offering and what my art style currently looks like.
With that said, everything is closed!

Here's an example of a finished product!
Samus Aran (Zero Suit) by Shinji-Leaf
And example of sketches:
Stellar by LunaeZomi
And here's another finished one, it's NSFW, though!

Mature Content

Stocking (PSG) by LunaeZomi

(it was an accident that the pose in the first and last would be so similar XD It's one of the reasons I need to make more examples)

So yeah, if you're interested in commissions, point commissions, art trades, and maybe even collabs, please hold on a bit! c:
Thanks for reading, guysss :I


Commissions-Only Account
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I only use this account for commissions.

I upload new stuff to :iconlunaezomi:
And my old account is :iconshinji-leaf:

My mostly abandoned tumblr is
My mostly abandoned art tumblr is
My NSFW tumblr is

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